Monday, January 30, 2006

Jeez, I Suck

Man. I just noticed how bad I've been slacking on this blog. It's pretty much just turned into the online home for my column and little else... and I wanted it to become a 1-stop for all things and thoughts Shane. Turns out I have shockingly little to say about the world, eh?

Actually, reasons for going comment-less lately could be:

(1) The Sinus Infection From Hell. Until last week, I had been sick pretty much straight through from Thanksgiving to present day. Every time I thought I was getting over it, it would come back and kick my ass again. I finally gave up last week, saw a doc, and got some much-needed antibiotics. I can safely report that this week I'm back to at least 90% and still snorting the Flo-nase like it's going outta style.

(2) Sleep Deprivation. This sinus thing (among other factors) has caused me to experience an EVIL bout of sleep apnia. It's like I fall asleep then wake up like a shot 45 minutes later. As a result, I've been managing like 2-3 hours a night sleep tops for the past month. That's NO way to live, take it from me. It seems to be getting better as the antibiotics do their job, but it's not FULLY gone yet. That kinda scares me coz the LAST thing I wanna do is wear one of those CPAP machines every night. We'll see how it goes.

(3) X-Box 360. If you're wondering if it's the future of gaming, that answer is YES. I've been playing so much Call of Duty 2 on it that I've been having NIGHTMARES about the game, if that tells you anything.

So yeah, I've been laying low for a bit. Hopefully that'll change effective NOW, as things are starting to de-stress immensely around these parts.


Wendy said...

I'm sorry to hear about you're illness and I'm glad you're feeling human-ish again.

Keep getting better - and turn off that X-Box once in a while. ;)

Anonymous said...

Who needs sleep?

Wendy said...