Tuesday, April 04, 2006

A Couple Quick TV Bits

(1) Katie Couric? ANCHORING THE NEWS??? Are you KIDDING me? This is about as logical as "Meet the Press... with your host, Carrot-Top!" Katie Couric is a weak journalist at best. She's great with fluff pieces and flashing her perfect little smile, and I even think she's probably a really nice person in real life, but this gig is NOT for her. My prediction: she crashes and burns within a year.

(2) Speaking of things crashing and burning, you guys see "Sons and Daughters" on ABC? I finally got to see two episodes of the series tonight. For the longest time, I'd balked just because the incessant ads for the show leading to its premiere were quite possibly the most annoying thing on TV since "Hey man, is that FREEDOM ROCK?!" But I finally saw the show tonight... and... IT'S FRICKIN' BRILLIANT! I was laughing for an hour straight. Too bad it's bound for cancellation. Sigh.

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