Monday, June 26, 2006

VW 1, Arson 0

So last night at 11:54 PM, suddenly there's banging on my door. Loud banging. Angry banging. The kind of banging that doesn't say, "Hey, how's it going?" More like the kind of banging that says, "Hey, here to kill ya!"

After readying myself for combat (cell phone in hand, 911 pre-dialed), I opened the door... to find my neighbors yelling for me to come outside. I wander outside to a blaze of fire and sirens.

Turns out someone had purposely torched an old Caddy in the parking lot of my apt. complex... and guess who had the lucky pleasure of being parked right next to it? I tried to move my car but the R.I. Fire Dept. was already there with hoses on, and told me not to.

So I got to stand there and watch flames lick the side of my car while firefighters tried to get a handle on the blaze... which they did, in record time.

Early inspection shows what appears to be absolutely no damage to my car... once again proving my theory that the New Beetle is indestructible.

The big test will be in 20 minutes when I leave for work... which reminds me, time to shut this off and leap in the shower...


Becky said...

JESUS! I thought it was YOUR CAR!

Holy Crap, Shane. Cause you know *right* where my mind went.

(On the whole, it is better that licking the side of your car yourself.)

-shane- said...

I know. I thought the same as you: Tom Cruise is finally retaliating.

Wendy said...

WTF - are you trying to scare people or what?!

Glad to hear the Beetle is okay.

Renee said...

Wowzers! Is it a-ok? Working like a charm? Good ol VW, TRUELY the "car of the people", not the "car of the arsonist"

Anonymous said...

i too have a beetle. i have yet to have it licked by fire. i remember your beetle. a white one.