Monday, December 04, 2006

Oop, Dang It.

I KNEW there was something I was forgetting last week... and it was to upload my column to the blog! Hopefully I'll get a chance later today.

(I'll be honest. I usually upload my columns from work. I use my first break at work every Tuesday morn to give my column a final once-over before I send it to press, and then I hop onto my blog and upload it. But now my bosses at the day job have asked me to stop accessing my blog on THEIR time. Granted, it's a total process of, oh, about 30 seconds per week, but still... it's a fair request, and I'll abide by their rules, as my column has always been a touchy subject around the ol' workplace. See, too many people are concerned that I'll be writing columns willy-nilly on THEIR dime, when -- no offense -- I couldn't think of a LESS creative place on Earth to write than my crazy, messy desk at the day job. No, in order for me to get column crazy, I need MY home computer. MY desk. MY Slinky that I play with voraciously as I write. Ergo, I just need to change my habits and upload my columns from my apartment before I go in every week. Apologies while my blog runs a little behind - I've always been resistant to change, now's no exception!)


paladin said...

Shane, why is your column a "touchy subject around the 'ol workplace"? Is it because you are more entertaining than John Marx and Sean Leary?

Several D/A employees have blogs; John Beydler, Sean Leary, Darla Weise (I'll miss ya DarlaMay) and maybe some others. Why are you being singled out? Or are all the D/A bloggers a "touchy subject"?

-shane- said...


Writing a newspaper column is NOT my day job :)

paladin said...

OK, color me dense, but how is your column NOT part of your day job? I don't get it.

But it looks like it's not just the D/A that has "issues" with it's employees blogging.

Yikes! It's the World Wide Web of ethics problems:

paladin said...

Yikes! Dyslexia strikes again! What I really meant to link is this.

Lin said...

Change is good. Mmmm, change. Post last week's column please!! ;)