Thursday, February 01, 2007

Taco Bell, I Love You So

Those of you who follow my blog know of my never-ending love affair with the Taco Bell drive-thru, perhaps the greatest source of comedy material on Earth. Just when I think they can't top themselves, they do it again.

I wheel into the drive-thru and am greeted with the now-customary yet still incredibly weird, "Hi. How are you?" (See my column from about a month ago.)

"Cold. Hungry. Disaffected." I replied.

Once again, I was met with eerie drive-thru silence. So I continued.

"#7... with a Pepsi." Or whatever the basic Taco Supreme combo is. I go there a lot, but I still don't know the orders by number yet, thank God.

Then, from the speaker box comes the twist:

"Sir, does the order look correct to you?"

Gasp. I looked all of a sudden. Lo and behold, the Taco Bell had installed one of those screens where you can see and proof your order as you place it. This was bad news on the comedy front. Could this be the end of Taco Bell drive-thru hilarity? A system to accurately check your order? The ability to confirm my order without comedy or chaos?

Then I looked at the screen. It read:

1 TSXMPC. $4.92

"SIR! Does the order look correct to you?"

Yes, yes, it did. And in case you were wondering, the TSXMPC's were delicious.

I love you, Taco Bell.

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Anonymous said...

Loved your column. You've provided me vindication among my co-workers who think I'm the only one who can't just suck up the drive through experience. Thick skinned I'm not. You laughed God love ya. I just hit the steering wheel and said I didn't care about how their computer couldn't accept my order even though they cheerfully told me "sure!". Next time I'll just calmy ask to supersize the gun so I can shoot my brains out. Oops, not PC, it's Wendy's I'm talking about.