Saturday, March 03, 2007

Random Thoughts

It's moments like this when I come home from the DJ gig in the wee hours o' the morn that random stuff pops thru my head... and hey, what's a blog good for if not random thoughts?

That said...

(1) RIP to the Coffee Artist Cafe in downtown Moline, who announced their closing earlier tonight on Myspace. I've known Mona for a few years, and she's one of the most earnest people out there. They made a heck of a go at it, and the place will be sorely missed. They're carrying on as a catering service and mobile coffee bar, so if anyone's in need, I encourage you to look 'em up.

(2) Republican bloggers (and I know you're out there) -- can YOU guys even stand Ann Coulter? I've long subscribed to the notion that she is, in fact, the Antichrist... but even for her, MAN did she ever cross the line the other day when she inferred John Edwards to be a "faggot" (her words, not mine) at a speech that was carried on C-Span. Talk about a low class bigot. She's first against the wall when the revolution comes.

(3) SECOND against the wall will be the Evangelicals responsible for "Jesus Camp." I finally watched the much-discussed documentary last night... and it's absolutely stomach-turning. What they're doing isn't empowering, it isn't teaching, it isn't guiding... it's BRAINWASHING, pure and simple. They shouldn't just be ashamed for what they're doing to these kids, they should be JAILED. I'm all for freedom of religion -- and even if I don't buy in to your particular belief system, I RESPECT it -- but when you're taking kids not yet old enough to think for themselves and ingraining them SO heavily with fear and blind righteousness instead of spirituality and choice, you're just SICK. Go watch the movie yourselves and tell me that you don't sit there open-mouthed in horror.

(4) For those of you that ARE religious, do me a favor and say a little prayer today for my grandma down in Florida, whose 101 years of living life to the fullest are finally catching up to her. It's not lookin' so good at the moment... but I can find peace in the knowledge that, until just days ago, the woman lived on her own, walked daily, and did things at 100 that I probably won't be able to at 50. How did she celebrate her 100th birthday? Hanging out with dolphins at Sea World. That's pretty cool.

(5) Stranger Than Fiction is one of the best movies I've seen in a loooong time. After finally catching it on DVD this week, it simply made me feel awful that I didn't see it when it was in theatres. It's a truly inspirational flick.

And now to what should prove to be nightmarishly awful 4 a.m. channel flipping. Have a great weekend, all.


Emilene said...

Ann Coulter obviously did not get enough attention as a child, and now she's making up for lost time.

The GUCC said...

Anne Coulter is just as much of a bitch as the left wing nuts (Rosie to name one of a million).

I am a Republican, and she is dead on with many issues. Her problem is not knowing when to shut her big-ass mouth. She craves attention. Her website is like a "look at me" site - like I want to see pictures of her skiing - who gives a shit. (haven't looked at her site in at least two years, and it wasn't for enjoyment purposes).

Evangelicals are fine with me, but some people have a problem with religion - it's usually the liberals who want evangelicals to live like liberals and force all their crap on the. A left winger is far more dangerous than a gun.

Now, I am a moderate - NOT A RIGHT WINGER - but to some liberals it does not matter. If your not a liberal like they are, then they hate you - pretty pathetic.

I may have stirred some controversy today.

In an unrelated topic, why can't I see my name "the gucc" when posting?