Sunday, June 10, 2007

Sopranos Finale

Okay, I've been yelled at before for talking about TV shows without giving an official


so if you still haven't watched the last episode of the Sopranos, stop reading.


I havent been to any of the message boards yet, but something tells me they're completely off-the-chain with upset, irate fans wanting a concrete ending to the show.

Instead, I'm SO happy at the ending, and I'm not even that much of a fan of the show, really.

David Chase has spent most of the past decade building Tony into this near-mythological hero. A seriously flawed hero, sure, but still a guy who you bizarrely want to root for.

So what better end than to let his myth live on however his fans want to imagine it? To just *BOOM* stop the show cold turkey like that with no resolution? Genius.

Were the people in the restaurant loyalists to the late Phil who were there to off the whole Sopranos clan? Or were they cops there to finally hand down indictments and arrest Tony? Did Paulie turn sides and rat out his boss? (You gotta admit, those were some troubling looks he was giving at the end of every one of his scenes.) Will Sil pull through? Or did we just watch another Sopranos family dinner that went on without incident?

YOU get to make that call. Does the Sopranos end as a tragedy? Or as hope that the family lives on and prospers, problems and all?

It can be WHATEVER YOU WANT IT TO BE. And the legend of Tony Soprano can carry on however you want it to.

A BRILLIANT move on Chase's part. RIP Sopranos the Show, but maybe not the family?

(I DO want somebody to explain to me the symbolism of the cat, though. What was the deal with the cat & Christopher's pic?)

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