Wednesday, August 15, 2007

John From Cincinatti RIP

Well, it's happened to me again.

I get all into a show and the sucker dies a quick death.

Hollywood Reporter is confirming today that HBO has pulled the plug on "John From Cincinatti," a mere two days after its first season finale. Ten episodes is all we're gonna get.

I wish I could explain why I fell for this show. It was, at its core, an exercise in "artsy for the sake of being artsy," but I was still compelled. When, occasionally, 10 minute scenes would drone on without making hardly ANY sense, I was still compelled. When every third word of the dialogue became "f***," I was still compelled.

It was a show that occasionally made me bristle in its badness. Yet I'm still convinced that the creators were shooting for a really big and powerful message in it somewhere. Redemption... salvation... hope where there should be none... theology... capitalism.

Somewhere in there it all makes sense. And I sincerely hope that there's gonna be a DVD release with some SERIOUS creator commentary.

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