Friday, November 09, 2007

Happiness is NOT...

...finding out that the dude who lives next door to me just had his apartment ransacked in a robbery last night. During a time frame that I was sitting next door in front of my computer. I should've heard it. I should've been able to stop it. Instead, I heard *nothing*.

Nothing like a little paranoia to make the evening go so much more smoothly... is MY place next? I'm installing all new locks when I get home tonight.


Anonymous said...

oh jeez. you're the second person i've known whose house got (or near got) burgled. I hope you're definitely not next. Stay safe.


Anonymous said...

Well, there is a cat burglar on the loose, so make sure your cats are safe. Ba-Dum-CRASH!

Anonymous said...

I always figured that the state of your apt. (so similar to the state of my own apt) was your own way of having a security system in place. If someone can't navigate through it without breaking a limb, then you'll at least be able to hold 'em there 'til the police get there. :-D

Right? Hey, it's always worked for me.

B in StL