Thursday, November 27, 2008

Post Turkey Bliss

Okay, okay...

I know. I keep forgetting to upload my newest columns to this thing. I'm blaming it on my new work schedule... I now have to get to the paper a half hour earlier every day and it's throwing my entire routine into a tizzy. I'll try to play catch-up tomorrow.

In the meantime, I'm already starting to give thoughts towards best-o-the-year accolades in pop culture. Wondering what music/movies/TV shows have been tripping everyone's trigger lately? Anything worth discussing?

As far as music goes for me this year, it's pretty tough to beat the awesomeness of the Fleet Foxes record, which answers the divine question: What would the Beach Boys and CSN&Y sound like if they were from the post-grunge Pacific Northwest?

If you don't own this record yet, your collection's lacking. That's all I'm sayin'.

Tell me I'm wrong:

Also, how about the genius of Girl Talk? Pittsburgh native Gregg Gillis has become a true master of the sampling software, releasing guerilla-style mash-up symphonies wherein its perfectly acceptable to match Salt n Pepa with Nirvana and the Beach Boys and Ludacris and Earth Wind & Fire and... well, just watch, you'll get the point:

Girl Talk's latest album of mash-up insanity is "Feed the Animals," and it can be downloaded legally for ANY donation price via Illegal Art, though you should probably give the guy a few bucks for the effort.

(Oh, and if you like Girl Talk, ALSO be sure to check out their European predecessor, Soulwax's 2 Many DJ's.)

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