Saturday, April 18, 2009


Thanks, River Cities Reader, um, readers. Looks like TCC came in #2 for Best Local Blog in the 2009 annual reader's poll.

Guess that means I should get in the habit of updating more regularly, eh?

Alrighto, then. That's my slightly delayed New Year's Resolution -- to blog it up.

Most recent columns coming soon (I'd upload them now, but they're at work, which is clearly not a place I'd like to be until Monday.)

In the meantime, it's looking like Iowa City for me tomorrow, as DiscoTech (my fave remixers in the world) are spinning at Summit. If you're stuck in the Quad Cities this weekend, I highly recommend the Jason Isbell gig at RIBCO Saturday night...

...and don't forget, Saturday is international RECORD STORE DAY. Remember, that was the place you USED to go to before iTunes. Mp3's are dandy, but will they ever replace the warm satisfaction of removing the cellophane from a new CD? As a former employee and a devout fan & customer of independent record stores, I suggest you swing by one of the two area Co-Op Records on Saturday and show some love. You might enjoy some of the ltd. ed. surprises that await to celebrate the holiday.

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Jon said...

Saturday was Record Store Day?! That's cool 'cause I was in Reckless Records in Chi without even knowing that! Spent an hour or so going through the vinyl!