Friday, October 29, 2010

Change IS Happening!

Well, my newspaper may be officially endorsing Bobby Schilling... and politics deserves little place in my novelty/humor column...

But make NO mistake about it:

The Complacency Chronicles fully endorses PHIL HARE to retain his seat in Illinois' 17th District.

Phil's commitment to bringing jobs to the area is commendable. Under his tenure: the Arsenal has grown, rail service is a-comin' to town, the Triumph plant will be starting up shop, and a full-blown movie production company is coming to Rock Island. In addition, Phil's commitment to an overhaul of our national health care system will help the uninsured and poverty-stricken for YEARS to come.

Bobby Schilling doesn't support a woman's right to choose.
Bobby Schilling doesn't support stem cell research to cure disease.
Bobby Schilling doesn't care enough about gay rights or the environment to even post a platform on his web site.

Phil Hare is the right choice to continue leading our District. Please take the time to vote on Tuesday. The sanity of our country is hanging by a thread.

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