Wednesday, November 09, 2011

An Old Year's Resolution Come True

So about a million billion kajillion years ago, I made a great public proclamation about how I was going to spend more of my time working on this blog.  Then life sorta got in the way.  Well... now I'm back.

My original goal for TCC wasn't just to have a place to archive my old columns.  I wanted it to become a living, breathing beastie, where readers of my newspaper column and the general public could log on, hang out, comment, argue, bicker, and just have some fun.  It's high time we got around to that.

It starts now.  When you click on each story, you should now be able to read it in its entirety, share it on social networks like Facebook, and comment to your heart's delight.

My columns will remain the centerpiece of the site... but I also want to focus on the other things we love.  Music... movies... TV... video games... ANYTHING pop culture.  If there's something YOU want to see on the blog that I don't roll out, PLEASE e-mail me at

Bookmark this blog and keep checking back -- in the coming weeks, I might try new layouts or other fun stuff as things progress.  The only way this thing can grow and become a good place to hang out and debate pop culture and news items is if YOU participate.  So comment on stories... share stories on Facebook... and let's see what we can do with this thing.

Thanks again for caring about what a fat nerd has to say.  You continue to blow my mind.

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