Monday, March 20, 2017

UPDATE: The Great $3 Treasure Hunt

Hey all!

So I know my blog is woefully out of date, I'm trying to put all my recent columns up this week. But if you're playing along this week, you'll know about the Great $3 Treasure Hunt going on RIGHT NOW.  If not, read my newest column to catch up:

Just so you know, the hunt has been live for just about a day now, and NO ONE HAS YET TO CLAIM THE TREASURE.  That's not to say that it's still there... there's a chance someone's found it. But there IS a note with the treasure to e-mail me with a secret phrase, and so far, no e-mail.  So the $3 could very well still be out there. 

If someone claims responsibility for grabbing the treasure, I'll let you know right here.  And in a few days, if no one claims it, I'll check to see if the treasure is still in its hiding place...

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