Friday, September 23, 2005

You Know What I Don't Get?

So you see all these horrific pictures of cars on the interstate going like 2 mph trying to get out of the way of Hurricane Rita, right?


Sorry, but just because somebody tells me to get the heck out of Dodge (and/or Houston), that doesn't mean that the interstate is the only mode of transportation out of town?!

Surely there's like a myriad of dirt, gravel, and pavcd country roads that simply CANNOT be congested like this, right? Or am I missing something? Personally, I would be turning my car into an ATB (All Terrain Beetle) and hoofing it through the uncharted territories of Texas before I would set foot on an interstate that's moving slower than a circus parade...

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Anonymous said...

My friend Erin tried to take backroads and you can see her chronicled tale here:
Lots of people tried the back roads, but darlin', there are a LOT of people in Houston and only so many ways to get out.
Texas Highways are still lacking in many areas...i.e. multiple routes out of major cities.
Just glad that I live in Dallas