Tuesday, February 28, 2006

One Bloomburger With Fries, Coming Up!

So I've received more comments, letters, and e-mails over the Isabel Bloom column than anything I've ever written for the paper. SHOCKINGLY, not a one of them hate mail. I figured that making fun of the concrete critters would cause all sorts of higgeldy-piggeldy among the Isabel Army. Nope.

Instead I've been deluged with letters from like-minded folk, who also find the things repellant.

I did, however, receive one letter today that made me laugh a LOT. Annette of Leclaire writes that one of her friends owns an Isabel Bloom and has found a fantastic practical use for it: she uses it as a HAMBURGER PRESS!

I really like the idea of hamburger patties shaped like little chubby kids and deformed turtles. I'll take mine medium rare.


Wendy said...

LOL! That is by far the best idea I've heard for the lil toe stubbers.

JohnC Anderson said...

I often refer to those atrociously ugly statues as second cousins to a concrete goose.

JohnC Anderson said...

I wonder how long it will be before the "Bloomers" come out with a "Our lady of the Bridge" statue to commemorate all the Mary sightings. Maybe with the fact that she's been sighted in Moline they might want to call the statue "Mary of Moline."

If they color it John Deere green every farmer in America will want to buy one!