Tuesday, March 07, 2006

RIP Edgar Stiles

How could they kill off Edgar on 24 last night??? He and Chloe are the BEST parts about the show. Now Edgar's dead and Chloe's trapped in a room with pretty much everybody else who hasn't died yet. This sucks. And now the previews say someone ELSE is gonna buy the farm next week! Tenure is sure hard to come by if you're a cast member on the show. Here's hoping Louis Lombardi bounces (err... likely literally) on to future success. Until then, we toast to you, Edgar Stiles -- even though you never did the nasty with Chloe.


Wendy said...

I agree! That totally sucked! I liked Edgar. :|

Laura said...

I can't believe they killed Edgar and then killed Tony the next week. Now they may make one of the few people I really like who's still alive into a terrorist. They've got to stop this disposing of series regulars!

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