Friday, August 04, 2006


Sorry I disappeared for a bit there, kids. I'm on vacation this week... and I forgot to upload LAST week's column before I disappeared THIS week.

Anyways, no column THIS week. Instead sitting around, doing copious amounts of nothing that were supposed to inspire a surplus of new columns.

Instead, I've been inspired to watch a horrifying amount of bad TV. Wish me luck.


Wendy said...

What?! The giant, red, "You Are Here" pushpin that Davenport wants to put on the bike path isn't inspirational enough for some serious snarkiness? ;P

Enjoy the rest of your vacation. I've got two more weeks of boredom, um, vacation to go. At least it'll end with a bang. ;P LOL

Sean said...

dude, i think it's your two new cats.

check out the posting on my blog about cat bacteria turning us into zombies...

Becky said...