Tuesday, May 24, 2005

How Lame Am I?

Yes, it DOES mean you're an incurable idiot if you sat through all two hours of "Rob and Amber Get Married" on CBS tonight. But don't feel bad... I'm one too, apparantly. And I sat and watched it with a friend who told me I cannot EVER mention his/her name in conjunction with said activity.

It was either that or the Trump movie... and I can't take someone ACTING like Donald Trump, let alone Donald Trump himself... though we did occasionally channel flip to see the evolution of The Hair as the movie progressed. What dialogue we managed to catch was just shy of breathtaking as well -- things like, "Donald, this decision means everything. Everything." People don't really talk like that, do they? After we heard this exchange, my friend WHO DID NOT WATCH ROB AND AMBER GET MARRIED WITH ME (lie!) and I were cracking up, and I said, "Don't EVER turn to me and go, 'Shane, this next column you write means everything. Everything.'" To which my friend replied, "Are you actually attempting to equate your newspaper column with the construction of Trump Tower in downtown New York City?" That's when I realized maybe this IS all getting to my head a bit... ;)

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