Wednesday, May 04, 2005

...& so the story begins.

Well, one day into this thing and I'm already starting to feel a bit silly. It seems to be that if you're running a blog, you fall into one of two categories:

(1) Someone really, really ticked off about politics.
(2) A 14-year-old girl.

Well, okay, I'm always ticked off about politics, but not enough to babble about it. You guys don't give a rat's a** about my political leanings... and if you DO give a rat's a**, then, well, I pity you. And more importantly, how did the phrase "I don't give a rat's a**" get into our vernacular in the first place? Was it once custom to wander about, giving rat a** to anyone who interested us? And if somebody who you DIDN'T care about happened along the way, then, hey, no rat a** for that guy.

So if I'm not doing a blog for political gain, that must mean that I'm a 14 year old girl. Sadly, also incorrect... Though we COULD spend this whole blog time spreading salacious rumours about friends and co-workers and goings on at the paper. Trouble is, I LIKE my friends and co-workers, and there's not much of a gossip machine here at work... so my salacious stories would only be things like, "Hey, this one girl here at work, she, um, came in like 2 minutes late! Can you believe it!?!" And, frankly, that just doesn't make for front-page-of-the-Enquirer kinda stories.

So instead, I'll use this blog to babble about meaningless and funny stuff that happens all around us. And then you can comment. And then I can comment on your comments. Eventually, with any luck, we shall rule the world. (Bwaa. Ha. Ha.)

I'm gonna do my best to update this thing VERY frequently... so check back loads. There's LOTS of stupid stuff in our world... and I DO so love to complain.

See ya in the funny pages,

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