Thursday, May 19, 2005

Rage Against the Hype

So here I sit on a lonely Thursday night. Yuck. I'm "on call" to DJ tonight at 2nd Ave. Augustana lets out today, which means there's a good chance that our club will get overrun by revelers, in which case they're gonna call me in around midnight to perform both the hipping and the hopping until close.

Until then, I'm just sittin' around kinda bored.

I just spent the past 2 hours in vain searching for these mythical copies of the new Star Wars flick that have supposedly shown up on the net. (For JOURNALISTIC reasons, mind you; not because I like free stuff. Downloading is bad, kids. Support the MPAA.) Regardless, the MPAA shouldn't be upset because I sure as heck couldn't find it. Supposedly it's out there on BitTorrent, a technology that I wholeheartedly do NOT embrace... just because I'm an impulse guy, and when I want something, I want it *now* and not after 3 days of non-stop downloading on BitTorrent.

Besides, Star Wars III should only be seen on a big screen; any random internet finds should just serve as souvenirs for the real deal. If you're seeing a LucasArts film without seeing in THX in a digital theatre, there's really no point.

That said, I am SO sick of the hype surrounding this Star Wars movie. I guess I'm really only a passing fan of the Star Wars world (I know, I know... take away my nerd badge now.) We went to see Ep. II on opening night, and I'll admit, that was fun... but only because we were there to point and laugh at the superdorks in costumes and such. I've never seen so much fuss made over a movie that EVERYONE KNOWS THE ENDING TO.

The thing that's the greatest part about this flick is that, obviously, Ep. III is going to have like THE best special effects and CGI stuff EVER committed to film. But then, if you were to watch the movies in their proper chronological order, suddenly the quality reverts back to 1977... it's as if Anakin's first role as Darth Vader is to start the Great Technology War, where all the hip cool stuff from I-III is transformed into cheap white plastic and model ships on string.

Don't get me wrong... I DO want to see the movie. But I'll wait 'til the hype dies down, thanks.

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